Load detector

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Toshiba Corp
  • Publication Date: December 15, 1979
  • Publication Number: JP-S54158978-A


PURPOSE: To detect load with high accuracy by electrically detecting the change in magnetic permeability corresponding to the stress of a ferromagnetic material by way of a probe provided with a magnetic core of low loss material. CONSTITUTION: When power is supplied to the primary winding of a probe 2 through an oscillator 3 and power amplifier 4, induction voltage is generated in the secondary winding and the amplifier 4 is so feedback-controlled through a voltmeter 5 that this value becomes specified. Magnetic loss is then detected with a wattmeter 6. Even if there is an air spacing between the ferromagnetic material 1 and the magnetic core 2a of the probe 2, this constitution enables the magnetic loss for the change in the magnetic permeability of the ferromagnetic material 1 coresponding to the stress having been generated by the load to be detected by the magnetic core 2a of low loss material with high sensitivity, thus making it possible to perform detection of load with high accuracy. COPYRIGHT: (C)1979,JPO&Japio




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