Swing detector for crane hanger


PURPOSE: To obtain high reliability with easier installation and maintenance through detection of the swing of the crane hanger contactless without use of means possible to contact a swinging body such as crane hanger and rope. CONSTITUTION: A crane travelling body 1 on a guirder not illustrated carries a drum 4 for winding a rope 3 suspending a crance hanger 5. A reflector 20 is arranged on the top of the hanger 5 as an image object while the travelling body is provided with a lighting device 21 for irradiating diverged flux of light to the reflector 20 and a two-dimensional detector 22 for picking up the reflector 20. In operation, when the hanger 5 swings horizontally with respect to the travelling body, the detector 22 picks up the image of the reflector deviated by a distance D from the axis of the light detected, and thus, the distance D is derived as d. A processing unit 23 calculates the angle of swing in accordance with a fixed diminishing scale relationship between the distance D and d and yields an output. COPYRIGHT: (C)1979,JPO&Japio




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