Two dimensional micro-displacement detector


PURPOSE: To improve accuracy and reliability by using the two directional parallel springs formed from one piece of metal material. CONSTITUTION: One piece of metal piece is subjected to slicing, electric discharge wire cutting or other to form the two dirctional parallel springs provided with an upper pedestal 13, lower pedestal 14, parallel plates 15, 16, raised parts 17, 18, 23, movable pedestal 20 and parallel plates 21, 22. A contactor 24 is penetrated through the parallel plate 15 and movable pedestal 20 thereof and its root end is so fixed to the raised part 23 that the intersecting point 0 becomes a point of application of force. In addition, X-, Y-axis differential transformers 25, 27 are fixed between the raised parts 17 and 18 as well as between the upper pedestal 13 and movable pedestal 20. Then, if the contactor 24 displaces in the X- and Y-axis directions respectively, the cores 25b, 27b of the X-, Y-axis differential transformers 25, 27 displace with respect to bobbins 25a, 27a and the induced voltages proportional to the displacements are distinctly discriminated in the two directions and are generated without mutual interference, thus the directions and magnitude of the displacements are detected with high accuracy and good reliability. COPYRIGHT: (C)1979,JPO&Japio




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