Sequence control circuit


PURPOSE: To easily perform a servicing work and also to improve the safety, by supplying a sequence control power source to a central supervising unit, and by supplying a power source, which passes through a breaker located at the central supervising unit, to a control circuit which transmits and receives signals at between the central supervising unit and the sequence control circuit. CONSTITUTION: A sequence control power source E 1 is supplied to a sequence circuit S 1 , and simultaneously is supplied to a sequence circuit SA1 located in a central supervising unit A via a breaker 4 c1 , and to a sequence control circuit 10 which receives and teransmits signals of the central supervising unit A and the device 1. The constitution made in such a manner as mentioned above eliminates needs for a common control power source, and can also prevent the entrance of other power source than the sequence power source E 1 to the controller 1 from the outside. A sequence control circuit SA 1 incorporated in the central supervising unit A can be easily seperated off by means of the breaker 4 cl . COPYRIGHT: (C)1979,JPO&Japio




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