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US-2006033012-A1: System for compensating for dark current in sensors patent, US-2006035383-A1: Dry platelet preparations for use in diagnostics patent, US-2006090821-A1: Method of producing a zirconium alloy semi-finished product for the production of elongated product and use thereof patent, US-2006174822-A1: Crucilble and method of growing single crytal by using crucible patent, US-2006219561-A1: Method for manufacturing a master disk for magnetic transfer patent, US-2007029593-A1: Bismuth ferrite films and devices grown on silicon patent, US-2007086030-A1: Color data conversion apparatus and method patent, US-2007098400-A1: Lens module and digital camera module using the same patent, US-2007127261-A1: LED backlight device patent, US-2007128558-A1: Pattern formation method and exposure system patent, US-2007171278-A1: Multimedia greeting card patent, US-2007179429-A1: Cardboard tampon applicator with surface modifications to inner layers patent, US-2007213938-A1: Data Processing Apparatus, Measurement Apparatus and Data Collection Method patent, US-2007299217-A1: Epoxy-capped polythioethers patent, US-2008080251-A1: Method of reading dual-bit memory cell patent, US-2008258584-A1: Motor and control circuit thereof patent, US-2008277542-A1: Chair backrest mounting bracket patent, US-2008317566-A1: Automated Cassette and Slide Handling System for an Automatic Microscope patent, US-2009028053-A1: Root-cause approach to problem diagnosis in data networks patent, US-2009028949-A1: Calcium phosphate-based adhesive formulation for bone filling with swelling properties patent, US-2009043978-A1: Efficient hierarchical storage management of a file system with snapshots patent, US-2009068634-A1: Substrates and internal standards for mass spectrometry detection patent, US-2009092565-A1: Dental enamel recalcification accelerator and containing the same, oral composition and food or beverage patent, US-2009123518-A1: Biodegradable implants with controlled bulk density patent, US-2009154154-A1: Device for Producing Isotropic Ambient Light patent, US-2009186271-A1: Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and electrode, and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2009212324-A1: Heterojunction field effect transistor patent, US-2009242731-A1: Leave-in-Place Concrete Retention forms patent, US-8688129-B2: Grade of service (GoS) differentiation in a wireless communication network patent, US-2009257996-A1: Dietary supplement energy-providing to skeletal muscles and protecting the cardio vascular tract patent, US-2009264296-A1: Connection arrangement for two superconductor cables patent, US-2009290220-A1: Anti-glare film, method for manufacturing, the same, and display device using the same patent, US-2009321226-A1: Safety switch patent, US-2010024409-A1: Control system for variable displacement pump-motor type transmission patent, US-2010034068-A1: Protected storage of data on optically-readable media patent, US-2010046581-A1: Ultra-wideband pulse generator and method thereof patent, US-2010054099-A1: Optical Disc Apparatus and Focus Offset Setting Method Thereof patent, US-2004043974-A1: Oxidation process for preparing the intermediate 6.alpha.,9.alpha.-defluoro-11.beta.,17.alpha.-dihydroxy-16.alpha.-methyl-androst-1,4-dien-3-one 17.beta.-carboxylic acid patent, US-2004052537-A1: Thermal noise reduction technique for optical receivers using identical amplifier circuits patent, US-2004086518-A1: Universal vaccine and method for treating cancer employing telomerase reverse transcriptase patent, US-2004101895-A1: Fta-coated media for use as a molecular diagnostic tool patent, US-2004178905-A1: Method and system for efficiently regulating data transmissions patent, US-2004185279-A1: Method and apparatus for improved fastening hardware patent, US-2004221299-A1: Method and apparatus for developing interface protocols for peer to peer applications patent, US-2004255851-A1: Method of and apparatus for producing electrode of fuel cell patent, US-2005009347-A1: Method and apparatus for measuring electron density of plasma and plasma processing apparatus patent, US-2005013305-A1: Network telephony system with enhanced interconversion of audio signals and IP packets patent, US-2005089462-A1: Process for producing ammonium polythiomolybdate patent, US-2005097124-A1: Method and system for authoring and playback of audio coincident with label detection patent, US-2005107494-A1: Latent hardener, process for producing the same, and adhesive containing latent hardener patent, US-2005158196-A1: Method and apparatus for a molded tube and peristaltic pump patent, US-2005160418-A1: Embedded system using binary position information and software downloading method therein patent, US-2005172121-A1: Method and system for preventing unauthorized recording of media content on a Macintosh operating system patent, US-2005233014-A1: Methods for affecting homeostasis and metabolism in a mammalian body patent, US-2005266374-A1: Endodontic platform and use thereof patent, US-2006035543-A1: Surfboard fin mounting system patent, US-2006087736-A1: Amyloid peptide inactivating enzyme to treat alzheimer's disease patent, US-2006142061-A1: Dual module clock supply for CAN communication module patent, US-2006166942-A1: Combretastatin A-4 phosphate prodrug mono-and di-organic amine salts, mono-and di-amino acid salts, and mono-and di-amino acid ester salts patent, US-2006203686-A1: Method of and drive for recording medium defect management, and defect managed recording medium patent, US-2006232699-A1: Autofocus device and method patent, US-2006251964-A1: Battery pack having non-orthogonal coupling slots patent, US-2007008744-A1: High efficiency half-bridge dc/dc convertor patent, US-2007246138-A1: Gas generant compositions patent, US-2007261833-A1: Heat exchanger having different flowing paths patent, US-2008001971-A1: Filling Blank Spaces of a Display Screen patent, US-2008004382-A1: Rubber composition for cap tread and pneumatic tire having cap tread using same patent, US-2008007702-A1: Reflective mirror module and projection apparatus using the same patent, US-2008024117-A1: Ultra-sensitive magnetoreduction measurement system and ultra-sensitive, wash-free assay using the same patent, US-2008033811-A1: Multitrack, behavior-based marketing system patent, US-2008066798-A1: Thermoelectric material, thermoelectric conversion module and thermoelectric power generating device using the same patent, US-2008100045-A1: Vehicle side airbag apparatus patent, US-2008101743-A1: Mws drift feedback compensator using voa and input power dithering patent, US-2008168649-A1: Magnetic recording element and method of manufacturing magnetic recording element patent, US-2008248355-A1: Hydrogen Storage Material, Hydrogen Storage Structure, Hydrogen Storage, Hydrogen Storage Apparatus, Fuel Cell Vehicle, and Method of Manufacturing Hydrogen Storage Material patent, US-2008266879-A1: Optical plate and backlight module using the same patent, US-2008277702-A1: Solid-state imaging device and camera having the same patent, US-2009006921-A1: Distributed checksum computation patent, US-2009093078-A1: System and Method for High Temperature Compact Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Device Construction patent, US-2009140663-A1: Display system capable of auto-adjusting brightness and method for auto-adjusting brightness thereof patent, US-2009180439-A1: Method of determining a location of a base station in a wireless communication network and base station in a wireless communication network patent, US-2009194373-A1: Brake systems for rollators and rollators comprising the same patent, US-2009207503-A1: Lens tube, optical device having the lens tube, and method for producing the lens tube patent, US-2009276590-A1: Maintaining checkpoints during backup of live system patent, US-2009314210-A1: Epitaxial growth susceptor patent, US-2010017569-A1: Pcb including multiple chips sharing an off-chip memory, a method of accessing off-chip memory and a mcm utilizing fewer off-chip memories than chips patent, US-2010062772-A1: Method, wireless communication system, and group mobility controller for processing group mobility patent, US-2003200279-A1: Method of providing web accessing service and server apparatus patent, US-2004019485-A1: Speech synthesis method and apparatus, program, recording medium and robot apparatus patent, US-2004049868-A1: Electric toothbrush with 3-dimensional brush head movements patent, US-2004181574-A1: Method and apparatus for data-linking a mobile knowledge worker to home communication-center infrastructure patent, US-2005095641-A1: Methods and materials for detecting genetic material patent, US-2005109655-A1: Packaging apparatus and method patent, US-2005136484-A1: Method for screening agents for the treatment of diabetes patent, US-2005156188-A1: Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2005218511-A1: Mounting structure of ball grid array patent, US-2005220342-A1: Luminescent intensity analysis method and apparatus patent, US-2005284446-A1: Control device for engine of boat patent, US-2006028646-A1: Method for automatic determination of substrates states in plasma processing chambers patent, US-2006046936-A1: Foliar composition for stressed turfgrass and associated method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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